About Us


Gorilla Buck Inc. decided there must be an easier way to deal with the whole ICF buck component and its attendant issues which those in the business know so well:  the water and air leaks, the warping, the hassles of strapping the inside and outside of the typical wood buck frame.  Not to mention the the onsite, custom cutting of lumber to match ICF wall thickness. 

So we decided to develop our own buck product line to provide you with an easy-to-install, cost effective and competitively priced system designed to save you from the headaches we used to experience ourselves.  We believe we've come up with the perfect solution! 

Give us a call 800-658-3444 or send us an email info@gorillabuck.com with any questions you might have about our products or service, we’ll answer your questions or inquiries as fast as we can.  Or, better yet, we’ll send someone out in person. We’re here to serve you.  Contact