New Molded Buck


The Ideal ICF Buck Solution

Solves the problems of ICF wall openings.

New Molded Buck  new buck

Compelling Attributes

Positive Drainage Plane to Exterior
  • Flashing or membrane used to provide drainage to the exterior

  • Blocks air infiltration
Rebar Holders/Anchors
  • Install perfectly positioned rebar
    around doors and windows

  • Mechanically bonds buck webs to
Continuous Exposed Fastening for Windows and Doors
  • Solid backing for window installations
Fire Proof and Blast Proof
  • A fireproof solution that is recognized by building code

  • A blastproof solution that is recognized by the military
Friction Fits into Block
  • Fast installation

  • No strapping of frame needed to keep
    in plane of wall
Heavy Duty Attachment Points
  • 3/8” of solid plastic at 8” centers

  • Optional steel anchor straps at 8”
Notched Plank Ends
  • For a water tight corner connection

  • Friction fits together for ease of