Gorilla Buck Product Options


Gorilla Buck Product Options offers you our premium quality Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), with an inherent 4.1 R-value per inch, in combination with a market satisfying selection of construction ready backing styles tailored to suit your specific project needs. Our EPS and each backing style is bonded together in our hydraulic press with a propriety adhesive to ensure a flat, strong and dimensionally stable buck combination.

Gorilla Buck Products


Fireproof/Blastproof Molded Gorilla Buck

Fireproof Molded Gorilla Buck

Product #GB-FpMB": Provides a 2” wide strip opening in the face of the buck that must be covered with a 1x4 screwed onto the face of the buck for stripping off after the concrete pour.

The 2” strip of concrete around the complete buck frame opening that flushes out with the buck face provides a surface to mount windows and doors to that provides a code approved method for protecting from both fire and blasts. (Patent Pending)