Gorilla Buck Product Options


Gorilla Buck Product Options offers you our premium quality Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), with an inherent 4.1 R-value per inch, in combination with a market satisfying selection of construction ready backing styles tailored to suit your specific project needs. Our EPS and each backing style is bonded together in our hydraulic press with a propriety adhesive to ensure a flat, strong and dimensionally stable buck combination.

Gorilla Buck Products


Molded Gorilla Buck

Product # GB-MGB:The Molded Gorilla Buck is the new standard for window and door openings in ICF construction.   The patent pending configuration is designed as the only ICF window buck that allows water to drain to the exterior of the building and allows for the flashing of windows and doors to go all the way back to concrete.   At the heart of the molded Gorilla Buck is special 100% recycled polystyrene plastic which actually bonds to the EPS foam, making for a much stronger and stiffer buck plank. The foam is molded around the continuous embedded plastic ladder with exposed edge plastic for solid mounting of windows and other trim elements.  Bonding the ladder and buck to concrete are 3 rebar holder-anchors that fold into position. (Patent Pending).

  • Patent pending design that allows water to drain to the exterior of the building

  • Solid and continuous edge plastic for a stronger and more rigid buck plank

  • 100% recycled plastic components

  • Polystyrene plastic bonds and fuses to the EPS foam during manufacturing

  • Notched plank ends allows for better moisture control at buck frame corners to keep water out of the building

  • Fold up rebar holders that allow perfect placement of reinforcement bars around doors and windows and also provides and mechanical bond of the buck to concrete

  • 1 3/8” wide face fastening straps on 8” centers for center mounting windows and for fastening finishes easily.