Gorilla Buck Product Options


Gorilla Buck Product Options offers you our premium quality Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), with an inherent 4.1 R-value per inch, in combination with a market satisfying selection of construction ready backing styles tailored to suit your specific project needs. Our EPS and each backing style is bonded together in our hydraulic press with a propriety adhesive to ensure a flat, strong and dimensionally stable buck combination.

Gorilla Buck Products

Standard Plywood Gorilla Buck

Standard plywood buck

Product # GB-Sp3/4": This is the market standard for Gorilla Buck.  Our ¾” plywood buck, like all of our buck line, adds insulation to window and door frames to match the super energy efficiency of the ICF wall. 

We figured, “…why build a great wall and then install substandard window and door frames?”  So, this is where we started, two pieces of premium plywood and EPS foam with multiple running beads of our adhesive applied , compressed and held in our hydraulic buck machine,  then stapled together over a dozen times to ensure maximum strength and dimensional integrity.  

No warping, no twisting, no separation, superb insulating qualities, made to your specifications and available locally: Gorilla Buck! (Patent Pending).