Gorilla Buck is committed to making your ICF construction process as smooth as possible. We have created a patent pending system which provides working professionals with all of the support and none of the headaches of standard buck construction.  In any weather, your door and window bucks will be tailored to your exact site and project requirements.

Why Gorilla Buck is Superior

The #1 complaint and issue surrounding window and door openings in ICF wall construction is the infiltration of moisture, cold, and air around openings.  The patent pending design of Gorilla Buck keeps moisture, air and extreme temperatures outside where they belong. It’s the only ICF buck on the market that uses industry standard flashing practices to keep water outside. 

Building an ICF wall is one of the most energy conscious and durable methods for constructing a building today. Why would an architect or builder choose to use a typical wood buck assembly in the most moisture venerable place in an ICF wall?  Until now there has been very limited choices to overcoming these issues. With Gorilla Buck, a clear path is provided for making the window and door openings as solid, insulated, and moisture resistant as the rest of the ICF wall assembly.


1. Can I be a distributor?

Gorilla Buck is manufactured exclusively at Benchmark Foam, Inc. in configurations that fit most ICF brand size requirements.  Simply call or visit your local ICF distributor and have them call 800-658-3444 to arrange a supply for inventory, if they do not already carry it.

2. Is training available for Gorilla Buck Distributors and Manufacturers?

Yes, we offer a complete training for all qualified Gorilla Buck Distributors and Manufacturers.

3. What are the sizes Gorilla Buck is available in?

The majority of Gorilla Buck is manufactured in a 6”standard ICF size span between insulating fins. However, because of the versatility of Gorilla Buck’s manufacturing press, our buck is capable of being made in up to 24” wide custom spans and up to 16’ lengths.

4. Is Gorilla Buck easier to build with, really?

Yes! Because Gorilla Buck is built to your own ICF block specifications, whatever brand, size span, width or length they may be, all you really need is a tape measure to determine the dimensions of each door, window or walkout and a phone to call your order in to your nearest distributor/manufacturer.

5. What makes Gorilla Buck any different than standard buck?

Here are some exclusives that separate Gorilla Buck from the rest: Flashing- Installed between the buck and block virtually eliminates moisture penetration on to the door or window frame. Rebar Brackets- Allows for vertical rebar alignment and wall system integrity. Eight different backing styles to choose from: Ensure your windows and doors are a strength, not a weak link in your ICF construction; weatherproof, highly insulated bucks are available for your choosing.

6. Is Gorilla Buck recyclable?

Yes, the EPS foam in our buck is 100% recyclable.

7. Are extra LEED points available from Gorilla Buck usage?

Yes, Gorilla Buck is available in a ‘Platinum’ version of EPS foam with a 15% higher R-value rating per inch.